Join the transformation

Are you ready to apply the latest digital technologies in the fight against serious chronic diseases? See if our Digital Accelerator team is the place for you to kick-start a life-changing career.

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Turning scientific ideas into medicines

From formulating protein molecules in a tablet to stem cell research, our scientists are always striving for the next breakthrough.

Read more about?our work in the lab


Making our medicines accessible and affordable

For many people with diabetes, insulin is an essential, life-saving medicine. It’s our ambition that everyone who needs insulin has access to it at prices they can afford.

Read more about our access and affordability programmes

Preventing the rise of type 2 diabetes

The huge rise in type 2 diabetes around the world is catastrophic.?Uncontrolled, this rise is not sustainable for anyone – people, health systems, businesses or economies. Bending the curve on diabetes is therefore crucial to all of us.?

Read about our efforts to prevent type 2 diabetes

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